2 Travel-Planning Apps to Help You Save Money

Travel-Planning Apps
2 Travel-Planning Apps to Help You Save Money - I have been trying to organize a family vacation for quite some time. Yes, okay. And it just never seems to happen. We're a big group, and it's a little rough to get everybody's schedules together, So, is it logistics and finance, or just logistics?It's both. It's both, yeah it's a little of both. We're a big group, so the financial part of it is a little rough. Right. But of course, the schedules are also rough. Three kids, boyfriends, girlfriends, it's hard. Look, this is really simple.

1. Award Wallet

Number one, you need to get it into a calendar. Instead of, you know, saying,Oh, we're going to do it sometime in the future,at the start of the year,particularly the family celebration,bring the parties together and get some dates in a calendar, number one. Then, use technology.

Start a WhatsApp group for everyone,so everyone can communicate and get dates together. And there are two fantastic apps that I use and love. Okay. The first one is called Award Wallet. And I fly a ton. This app amalgamates in one place all of your frequency flyer programs all of your credit card awards Oh that's fabulous That's what I was gonna ask I like to use all of your hotel stuff-loyalty points-Nice.

And you can put your whole family in to this one app and in our case Wow it tells you when points are going to expire. It tells you what the upcoming promotions are. It's awesome and I-So between all of you, Yeah. the larger the group,the bigger the benefit with that app. That's exactly it. Right.

2. Trip It

Number two is a second app that I live by. Last year I was on 51 flights, last year. I travel a massive amount. I use an app called Trip It and this app,when you get a confirmation from an airline or a hotel,you simply email, forward that email to Trip It and it adds it to your personal itinerary. If your flight's delayed or there's updates,they'll send you an alert and you can share all of this information on both apps with anyone. So it's like having an assistant. It's better than having an assistant. That's amazing. Try that. I will, thank you.