How To Save Time & Money On Food Shopping

How To Save Time & Money On Food Shopping

How To Save Time & Money On Food Shopping - In every department of your grocery store there is what they call a loss leader. A vegetable or two that they are going to be selling at a loss so they can get you in their store,to make more money out of all the other things. So whatever the special is that week, say it's broccoli,bring home way more broccoli than you need, blanche it in boiling salted water,put it on a sheet tray in your freezer,that'll keep it separated,throw it in your freezer in a big freezer baggie,and you can pull out one or two portions.

Do that with every seasonal vegetable,and it's kind of like making your own flash frozen foods. So I would say take advantage of whatever the loss leader is,buy your favorite fruits and veggies when they go on sale,and start blanching and freezing your own vegetables,it's easier than canning.

Spinach is the best bargain I think, in the grocery store,because it takes pounds of spinach to cook down to be the amount of spinach you end up within one of those sacks. It saves you time and it saves you money. I buy from the butcher counter,individual six ounce strip steaks.

These are awesome for stir-fry's,for tex-mex, or Mexican cooking,anytime you wanna slice lean meat nice and thin. I keep these on hand in the freezer,they defrost super quickly, they're awesome. These are just thin, very thin cut strip steaks,six to eight ounces per portion.

When you bring home mushrooms from the grocery store,never leave them in those plastic containers or plastic bags, put them into paper sacks so they can breathe, they won't get all gummy on you. When you go to wash them,never ever put them under running water,that'll make them take a lot longer to brown,they'll never get as brown, and they'll be rubbery.

Most wild mushrooms are not wild at all, they're cultivated,and you clean them by wiping them down with a damp kitchen towel or even a paper towel. When you cook with wine, even if you don't drink a lot of wine, you should at least invest in a bottle that you would enjoy the flavor of,because when we cook with spirits and wine we're reducing them and concentrating the flavor.

So go to the wine shop, or your local liquor store,and say I don't wanna spend too much,I'd like a reasonably priced wine,I'm using it mostly for cooking,but you do wanna spend a little more on it and have it be something that's pleasant'cause you're concentrating the flavor into your food. John and I drink primarily red wine but I still buy decent quality white wine because I cook with it so often.